Peter J. Levens


When I'm not sitting in the office doing the science I can normally be found doing one of the following:

~ Music ~

I occasionally upload things I've recorded here. Though not very often.

Hindsight (formerly This Handsome Jam). We're a rock and roll band. I play bass and attempt to do vocal harmonies. We're on a bit of a hiatus at the moment, but we JUST RELEASED AN EP!! You can download it for free, but any proceeds will go to the charity MIND who do great work with mental health. We also have Twitter.

My Bandcamp page. (at the moment will just lead to the following:)

This is some weird music I made a while ago. Inspired by the eerie recordings of the Conet Project and the numbers stations that were used during the Cold War to send secret, encoded messages to spies. I always meant to do more with this idea, but never got round to it.

~ Drawing ~

I draw. Have a look at my Instagram for drawings and more.

I am also part of the Physart Collective. We are a bunch of physicists who like to draw famous people on the whiteboards in our office then post them to Twitter. We also have an Instagram page. Take a look!

~ Reading ~

Ah yes, I like to read. At the moment I'm reading this book.

~ Eating ~

Food is good.


I tweet sometimes.

You can also email me at peterlevens(at)

~ Other ~

And if I'm not doing any of that I'm probably out and about in my van camping or driving or broken down at the side of a road somewhere.