Peter J. Levens

Former PhD student

I've just finished my PhD at the University of Glasgow, funded by an STFC Research Studentship. Took me 4 whole years but I only went and did it.

You can check out my thesis, Diagnostics of Solar Tornado-like Prominences, here.

My work during the PhD was focussed on solar astronomy, specifically solar prominences. I mostly used spectroscopic techniques to study ultraviolet/extreme-ultraviolet observations of these structures, as well as using radiative transfer codes to model certain parameters of prominences.

I spent four months of my PhD in Paris working at the Observatoire de Paris in Meudon. During that time I worked on analysing IRIS observations of tornado-like prominences. The great thing about doing a PhD is getting to travel all over the place. It's pretty awesome.

I've also had a fair amount of experience in making observations using both satellites and ground-based telescopes.

I am on ResearchGate.

You can't email me at p.levens.1(at) because I can't access my university account anymore. Use peterlevens(at) instead!


This is my publication list.

Curriculum Vitae

You can see my CV here, as well as a one page academic version here.